France 2 –9 April 1999 – 2mn36 - in French


Journalist: Over the last few days, you’ve been watching reports from our correspondents on the deployment of humanitarian aid in Albania, and also in Macedonia where there are now some 100,000 refugees. And it is here in Macedonia that the effectiveness of the High Commission for Refugees is being contested by a number of humanitarian aid organisations which are accusing this United Nations... more


France 3 – 30 April 1999 - 2mn10 sec – in French


Journalist: For weeks now, we’ve been hearing the same stories from all the refugees, harrowing accounts gathered by Médecins sans Frontières which has just published a report that is a damning indictment of the authorities in Belgrade. A report which has come as no surprise to the HCR which today claimed to have proof of an appalling massacre committed just a few days ago in a village in... more