1993 – A year in focus / Journal de l'année – MSF F – FRENCH



Commentary: Spring 1992, bombs rained down on Bosnia. The reaction of the international community was to deliver sandwiches and blankets to people living on borrowed time. During the summer of 1992, international opinion became aware of the existence of Serb camps in Bosnia. Thousands of Bosnian civilians suffered horrific internment. 87 survivors of these camps arrived in France in the middle of November where they and their families were given leave to stay for six months. A Médecins Sans Frontières team assessed in one-on-one interviews the medical and mental health needs of these former prisoners and their families, which also served to assemble and document the individual and collective history of an ethnic cleansing. Besides the appalling nature of the crimes that had been committed, this document shows the method and planning behind the cleansing of all things Muslim in occupied areas of Bosnia. Kozarac now belongs to nightmares of the past while others – Sarajevo, Srebrenica, Cerska and Gorazde – are in the process of joining the sordid mausoleum of crimes against humanity. As and when the all too few convoys were able to get through to these enclaves, Médecins Sans Frontières delivered drugs and supplies and sent in medical and surgical teams.