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TV presenter: “Do they know it’s Christmas?” Here’s the record. And even the Herald Tribune has devoted a whole page to Ethiopia in its European weekend edition, with these pictures of the desolation. So this evening, we’ve invited Francis Charhon from Médecins sans Frontières to talk to us about what he has seen. Thank you for coming tonight. You're just back from Ethiopia…
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TV presenter: A concert without borders is happening at the Courneuve next Sunday, a benefit concert by the French singers who made the record in support of the famine victims in Ethiopia. 2 million copies of this record have already been sold and one billion francs donated to Médecins sans Frontières.
So how is this money being spent? That’s the big question – one that has also been... more


Ethiopia has 42 million inhabitants. A fifth of them, almost 8 million people, are roaming the country in search of food. They have nothing left to eat, they're hungry. Ethiopia’s fate is bound to its agricultural production. Yet for four years running all the harvests have been poor, each more meagre than the last. This is due to the drought, but it is also due to factors such as archaic... more


TV presenter: With a famine raging in Ethiopia, the country’s government, unable to provide subsistence for the population in several regions and unable to get international aid through to them, is carrying out population displacements that in most cases are only providing these starving people with a very temporary means of survival.
Report by Hervé Brusini and Alain Saingt:

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TV presenter: Today third-worldism is in the dock. There is criticism on all sides of the mistakes, the resounding failures even, of a third-world policy that is now thirty years old. But the fact remains: the third world needs aid. To find other ways of providing it, a symposium was held in Paris yesterday, organised by the Liberté sans Frontières Foundation, a foundation created by the... more


le gouvernement éthiopien empêche MSF d’ouvrir des centres de nutrition à Kelala


- TV presenter: Claude Malhuret, you are the director of Médecins sans Frontières and you’ve been to Ethiopia on many occasions. But you’re currently faced with a very serious problem: you're being prevented from saving lives. Can you tell us how many lives are in danger today because of this stance?

- Claude Malhuret : Well, if we take the example of Kelala, one of the four camps we’re... more


MSF est priée de quitter l'Ethiopie- Interview Dr. Brigitte Vasset, MSFF medical coordinator


TV presenter: The humanitarian aid organisation Médecins sand Frontières has been asked to leave Ethiopia. MSF arrived in the country to bring relief to famine victims nineteen months ago. The organisation rapidly became involved in a controversy with the government when the Ethiopian authorities began large-scale transfers of the population from the north of the country to the south. Today,... more


TV presenter: At the beginning of December ’85, nineteen months after first arriving, MSF has been shown the door. And that’s not all, Dominique Leguiller – thank you for being with us this evening. Today there was a serious incident: your equipment has been stolen and some of MSF’s personnel have been injured.

- Dominique Leguiller (MSF): We knew the equipment would be stolen. Well,... more