27 December 1992 – France 2 – Rony Brauman, MSF: The ethnic cleansing / Epuration ethnique – FRENCH



TV presenter: But first of all, let’s hear what Rony Brauman, president of Médecins Sans Frontières, has to say. He is incensed, as you’re going to see, at the powerlessness of the UN forces. Listen to him.

Rony Brauman: I heard yesterday that it’s being acknowledged for the first time that the Serbs are using helicopters to pound Bosnian towns. It’s quite extraordinary, because it’s been going on for months and, all of a sudden, people have got the message. You know, in theory, helicopters aren’t authorised to take off and the United Nations have helicopter bases under surveillance. So what have the Serb army or the Serb-Yugoslav army been doing? Taking off, landing 5 kilometres away, loading missile launch rails and taking off again to bomb all the towns they’ve laid siege to. It just shows the extent to which the United Nations Protection force protects nothing at all; they’re simply observers to ethnic cleansing. In fact, I propose that this force no longer be called the "United Nations Protection Force" because, frankly, that’s a sham, but be re-named the "ethnic cleansing observation force," which corresponds to the strict reality of its mission.