29 December 1992 – Interviews of Jean Porrini, MDM and Rony Brauman, MSF on the ethnic cleansing / Interview de Jean Porrini (MDM) et de Rony Brauman (MSF) sur l'épuration ethnique – FRENCH



TV presenter: Good evening. In a move that is significant of the current climate, and in a departure from their usual political neutrality, France’s leading humanitarian organisations – Médecins du Monde and Médecins Sans Frontières – have each launched campaigns to heighten public awareness to the ethnic cleansing waged by Serb leaders.

Commentary: Milosevic in unfortunate company. This poster that has appeared on the streets of Paris is intended to raise awareness to the ethnic cleansing that Médecins du Monde holds Serb nationalists responsible for. Reference to Hitler.

Jean Porrini, MDM: The campaign isn’t supposed to make an analogy, but it is intended to show that these crimes are crimes against humanity and the only reference we have are the Nazis.

Commentary: Médecins du Monde’s campaign includes video clips featuring Jane Birkin and Michel Piccolo expressing their revulsion.

Michel Piccoli: Purification of what, which ethnic group? Yours, ours? New concentration camps, torture, rape, deaths, refugees, slaves in Bosnia. Our duty is to fight, to combat this new dictatorship. Serbs – put a stop to this abomination.

Commentary: And there’s another campaign, the one run by Médecins Sans Frontières. Yet another historical reference, with the definition of a crime against humanity as established by the Nuremberg tribunal. Here we hear the victims.

Victims: They took away little girls. It was horrendous to watch mothers holding on to their daughters as the Serbs tried to tear them away. We were forced to watch it all. Why did it happen?

Rony Brauman: Words are not enough; action is needed. I hope that in the current climate – at last we’re seeing people beginning to wake-up –, the politicians will continue to assume their responsibilities to the end.

Journalist: Take action, assume responsibility. What does that mean for today’s politicians?

Rony Brauman: It means that ethnic cleansing and the way it’s being executed on the ground, the atrocities committed and the ethnic cleansing programme are unlawful and that unlawful acts must be punished. That’s what we’re looking for.