December 1992 – MSF videoclips against the ethnic cleansing / Clips vidéos de MSF contre l'épuration ethnique – FRENCH



1st clip:

Commentary: The Nuremberg tribunal defined crimes against humanity as follows: "murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation or any other inhumane act that is committed against any civilian.” This man survived the concentration camp in Omarska.

Survivor: I’d seen films about Auschwitz, I never imagined that it could happen to me or anyone else but the same happened in Omarska and Keratern. In Omarska, we were subjected to the same bad treatment, the same physical torture, the same executions. They kill with knives, beat people to death but they rarely use bullets. The same is happening now as 40 years ago.

Commentary: The Serbs in Bosnia-Herzegovina are committing a crime against humanity under our very eyes. Now we know.