18 April 1994 – France 3 – Rony Brauman, MSF: Call for Yasushi Akashi's resignation / Appel à la démission de Yasushi Akashi – FRENCH



TV journalist: Good evening. After months of harassment, the Muslim enclave in Gorazde is now under Serb control. The bombing continues, the UN and the Russians are admitting their powerlessness, and this evening the European Union turns yet again to the United Nations Security Council.

Commentary: Serb tanks are 500 metres from the town centre and the frontline is now only 200 metres away from the hospital. "We’re at the mercy of Serb fire on all sides,” is the desperate appeal made by an inhabitant in Gorazde intercepted by an amateur radio enthusiast in Sarajevo. After 19 days of offensive, the Serbs are posing a direct threat to Gorazde and the 65,000 people left there. Casualties aren’t being cared for and corpses are everywhere. In the face of this tragedy, it’s the Muslims in Sarajevo who are protesting. This afternoon they demonstrated against the inability of the UN to stop the Serb bombing of Gorazde, an impotence made plain by the 346 peacekeepers waiting to leave for Gorazde and that the head of Médecins Sans Frontières denounces in no uncertain terms.

Rony Brauman: What’s totally unacceptable is that Mr Akashi, the representative of the international community who represents you and me on the ground, has been lying to us for the past 10 days while all these atrocities were being committed.

Commentary: But diplomatic efforts are continuing and European ministers of foreign affairs have met in Luxemburg. Alain Juppé has proposed unifying the positions of the United States, Russia, the UN and the European Union.

Alain Juppé: We have called for this Security Council resolution to get the Serbs, who are the aggressors, to capitulate through a collective representation by the Americans, Russians and Europeans and to bring the three parties to the conflict to the negotiating table. I hope this will be despatched without delay and that a plan will be imposed to settle the conflict.

Commentary: Vitaly Tchourkine, the Russian envoy to Bosnia, is calling for an end to the discussions with the Serbs; he’s accusing them of abusing Russia’s support. In Washington, US President Bill Clinton has defended the lack of reaction from the UN and NATO and says he wants to avoid the war spreading in Bosnia.