Refugees asphyxiated in train- Interview JH Bradol MSF -France 2- 5 May 1997- 1mn56 – in French


Refugies asphyxies dans le train- Interview JH Bradol MSF -France 2- 5 mai 1997- 1mn56 – en francais


TV presenter: "Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Are the Zairean refugees cursed? After this new tragedy of yesterday, it would seem to be the case. A train of hope transformed into a train of death. Around one hundred refugees crushed to death, suffocated in the carriages that should have carried them to Kisangani. Dorothée Ollieric."

Commentary: "On this train, thousands of men, women, children, and hope. The hope of an end to six months of war, famine and killings in the forests of Zaire. The refugees took the train by storm - escape at any cost - but at the end of the trip... Help is needed, humanitarian workers and journalists provide first aid."

- A man: "I'm not a doctor."

Commentary: "They try to offer comfort to those clinging to their dead. Asphyxiated, crushed, bodies are being removed by the dozen. A tender gesture for this baby, but it's already too late. In the light of this tragedy and the prior massacres, humanitarian workers speak out."

- Jean-Herve Bradol, MSF: "The Alliance's military forces are using aid organisations' work to attract the refugees and draw them out of the forest. They intercept them before they reach the first aid posts and finish them off in the most appalling conditions."

Commentary: "The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, overwhelmed by the situation, has asked Laurent Kabila's rebels to suspend evacuations by train. The air lifts between Zaire and Rwanda continue. Today, a total of 2600 refugees have left Kisangani, leaving massacres and fear behind them, but they don't know what future awaits them in their own country."