Goma-MSF call for intervention-ceasefire announced-France 3 - 4 November 1996-1mn44- in French


Goma- MSF appelel intervention- annonce cessez le feu –France 3 -4 novembre 1996 -1mn44 – en francais


TV presenter: And in Zaire, Tutsi rebels have announced a ceasefire. The stated aim: to transfer the Hutus refugees trapped in the fighting. In diplomatic circles, things are picking up speed. It's true that humanitarian organisations are calling ever louder for an international intervention to halt the disaster rolling out. Jean-Paul Gérouard:

Commentary: "We're going to become grave-diggers without borders if the international community doesn't react. This cry of alarm was issued this morning by Médecins Sans Frontières. The humanitarian organisation calls on states for a military intervention as a matter of utmost urgency so as to aid millions of refugees now cut off from all assistance in eastern Zaire. This call for action, already launched several days ago, seems to have struck a chord for the first time this morning in Paris. Hervé de Charette has called for a UN Security Council meeting and emergency consultations with the region's countries"

- Hervé de Charette: "France is suggesting to its partners that a meeting be held without delay so as to liaise on and organise the possible ways to bring about a temporary securing of north and south Kivu."

Commentary: "In short, what's being proposed is a military operation, but this time, France doesn't want to be the only one involved, as was the case for Operation Turquoise two years ago. In the immediate term, the Banyamulenge rebels have announced a unilateral ceasefire of three days for an evacuation of the refugees. Nothing suggests that Zaire will play ball. Zaire’s army considers itself fully at war, a war that it's losing - the rebels took Goma this evening."