Report on MSF staff in Paris & Bordeaux mobilisation for Zaire intervention - Interview Bernard Pecoul (General director) and Bernard Chomillier (Director of logistics) – France 2 – 22 July 1994


In French (en français)


TV presenter: Of course humanitarian organisations are launching emergency operations. Carole Caumont and Gilles Marinet followed the work of Médecins sans Frontières staff in Paris and Bordeaux throughout the day:

Commentary: "More than 3000 calls in barely 24 hours. Médecins sans Frontières' reception has been responding to offers of help since yesterday. Doctors, nurses, donors, and a mass of individuals who are looking for ways to help the Rwandan refugees."

- Bernard Pecoul (MSF): "We had to set up 40 telephone lines to cope with all the calls. Our reception desk couldn’t handle it. So there's an initial contact with people, a first sort through, an initial questionnaire. And depending on the outcome, either we fix a recruitment interview or we give out information."

- An MSF woman questioning a volunteer: "So you’ve got a rough idea of what you're likely to do if you leave?"

-Man: "Yes."

Commentary: "On the floor above, interviews have already started with volunteer doctors while the teams about to leave receive fresh information from the field. 35 tons of material already sent from Bordeaux this evening - emergency health kits, vaccination material - for transportation to the Bukavu region."

- Bernard Chomilier (MSF): "According to our sources, there are tens of thousands of people leaving Goma for Bukavu. So we’re hoping to install the technical set-up, people and equipment needed to avoid a cholera epidemic flaring up in Bukavu, because it's pretty certain that the refugees will leave and bring cholera with them."

Commentary: "Two MSF doctors and two logisticians will accompany the freight, which involves heavy cost. Médecins sans Frontières hopes to raise 50 million francs to finance its work in Rwanda for the next three months."