Interview Philippe Biberson, MSF France president on French army intervention – France 2 – 5 July 1994


In French (en français).


- Philippe Biberson (MSF): "We've called for a halt to the genocide. And we think, and will continue to think, that there's only one way to bring this about - through the use of force. We needed to oppose, restrain the hand of the people carrying out these massacres. Yet apparently this hasn't yet happened because the genocide continues, the militia are still very active and the people responsible for all this are still around. As this operation has already failed in this regard, its continuation in one form or another just complicates things, and in my opinion will keep seriously complicating the situation from a humanitarian point of view."

-Bernard Grangeon (MDM): "From the moment that France got its army involved, it just fell back on its old political ways - it has never known any other - so its old and disastrous ways kicked in, in Rwanda on this occasion, but elsewhere as well. In other words, supporting the regime in place, which on this occasion is a dictatorship, and militias who in this example are murderers."